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Poetry In Motion


Film maker Brian Culkin- The Mission Documentary and 24 to Heaven had this to say about Poetry in Motion - The Meaning of Sports in Everyday Life " we can revel in Raynor's accomplishment in Poetry in Motion. His style seamlessly blends gentle metaphor with overt social and political statements that call the reader into self reflection. But perhaps more than anything his poetry evokes a sense of wonder of the human body and it's capacity for transcendence...which is what sport in it's truest form does as well"


George Blaney, the former Head Basketball coach at Holy Cross College and Associate Head coach at the National Champion UConn Huskies writes about Poetry in Motion - The Meaning of Sports in Everyday Life "The book is Brillant! I loved the piece Magic Moments and my favorite is your piece Basketball. It is the best definition of basketball ever written."


Kerline Desir Says about Poetry in Motion- The Meaning of Sports in Everyday Life " This book is amazing, intriguing and most of all, inspiring. "


Nicola Webbe, "Reflections is a collection of very deep and insightful poetry that I admire. I love the variety and different topics that Raynor explores."


Rick Jones, "I very much enjoyed reading Reflections. There is a great sense of hope and inspiration that flows from one piece to another. I also enjoyed the personal pieces about his daughter. His poems made me think and for that alone I am grateful."


Rose Wright, "Reflections made me laugh, cry and think. I would recommend it to anyone. It is the kind of book that you can go back to read time and again. "

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